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Route survey for oversize loads in Ontario, pilot truck service in Ontario, high pole

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Pilot car service, Gerry's pilot truck service is available for your route survey for oversize or over-dimensional loads.  We provide honest, friendly, courteous service for each unique load, whether it is for Ontario pilot car requirement questions, route survey, high pole, super loads or regular pilot car service we are here to assist you! We will do everything we can to meet your expectations which is evident in our repeat customer base.  

Your business is very important to us!

Canada and U.S. certified, over dimensional load services are our speciality. 

pilot car,     route survey for oversize

Pilot Cars

All of our pilot trucks are late model and well maintained.  We only use pick-up trucks to help increase visibly for the safest possible delivery of your load. Route survey available.  Our pilot trucks are properly equipped to handle your heavy haul equipment with G PS, flags, banners, high pole and all the necessary equipment to deliver your load successfully and on time, exceeding all pilot car requirements.  Gerry's pilot truck service, Ontario is insured for well over the industry standard and specific for pilot cars, verified by our broker, Canada and U.S. We also have very competitive rates.                                       We're sure that you'll be happy working with us!            

Gerry's pilot car, Route survey for oversize loads, Oversize/overweight permits Ontario, Pilot car Gerry's pilot truck Ontario, Gerry's Pilot Car, Toronto, Ottawa, Milton, Buffalo, Montreal.  High pole service in Ontario also, Oversize load service Ontario. Oversize overweight permit

Our pilot car drivers are required to have an orientation training program including, an evaluation of their driving skills when it comes to heavy haul
and their safety awareness. (on site and on road) Safety is key! Also, included as our requirement is the completion of programs to ensure that they have the ability to  travel to the U.S., as well as our in truck program.

pilot car, Gerry's pilot truck service, high pole service in Ontario, oversize overweight permit

 Oversize/overweight permits  ***NEW

  • Permits available through Dynamo Express oversize permits department. Working in conjunction with Dynamo Express we are able to offer you a full circle oversize trucking service.  Dynamo Express ensures expertise and professionalism, you can rest assured that your oversize permit and load are taken care of in an efficient and effective manner.

route survey for oversize loads, pilot car Ontario

Our Experience 
Gerry's pilot truck service, (pilot car service, Ontario) would be more then happy to assist you in any questions regarding pilot car requirements in this ever changing oversize industry. We have experience in a vast array of equipment and infrastructure rebuilding touching on many industries. Our route survey service and other over dimensional services for Ontario and beyond have included but not limited to the following.

Long                                                        High                                                 Wide

*Beams                                           *Generators                             *Tanks
*Steel bridges                               *Buildings                                 *Steel Structures
*Crane pieces                                                                  *Farm Machinery

route survey for oversize loads Ontario, high pole service, Gerry's pilot truck service

Pilot Car Service

Working in conjunction with public works, fellow pilot car companies, Dynamo Express for oversize overweight permits and police to meet all the pilot car requirements.  Look around our site and if you have any questions or comments about our pilot car service Ontario or for consultation and assistance in route planning for the timely movement of your load, please don't hesitate to contact us at:
We hope to see you again soon, check back later for new updates to our site.

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Pilot car, Gerry's pilot truck service, oversize permits
oversize permits Ontario, Gerry's pilot truck service, Gerry's pilot car service Ontario, pilot car

pilot car service, Oversize overweight permits, route survey, Ontario pilot car service, pilot car service Ontario, Gerry's pilot truck service Ontarioroute survey for oversize loads, Gerry's pilot truck service